We both would have been voted

"Least Likely to Own a Malshi"

in the high school yearbook

because we love dogs,

but usually bigger dogs like

golden retrievers, collies, labradors, irish setters, samoans, and a few others....

but small malshies

would not have been on

our wish list for next pet.



Long story short,

we unexpectedly ended up with our malshi, "Dusty", about 3 months ago, and

it all went downhil from the day of arrival.....



yes we fell in love with a little guy that adapted to nyc apartment living faster than we did,

and the constant

ambulance & traffic noises 24/7

did not bother him at all. 



We loved the big dogs because we love to

hike, bike, run and pretty much most outdoor activities, and never thought little dogs

would fit our interests....we were very wrong.



On the third day we had Dusty,

we were doing a group 10 mile hike, and dusty loved it...



a week later, we were on agroup snowshoe hike of 15 miles....and he loved the snow.....




we decided to put this site together because we wanted others to know how great these Malshies are as companion, family, apartment living, and outdoor dogs......



Our one complaint is that he is a bit picky about food, but hey.....he is a new york city dog....even the subway rats are picky here



And before you ask,

no we are not breeding malshies,


yes - we are doing this

because this would be a great dog

for many big dog lovers like ourselves

that may have never consider them.....

and you should!

about us malshi fans